The Quadrant


Our first floor venue is a cracking space; whether it is for a private party, corporate event, creative workshop, live comedy or music, we’ve got you covered.


Used for birthday parties and large group celebrations


50/60 person capacity used for fundraisers, exhibitions and more


Corporate events, meetings and workshops 


Can we decorate?

We would again encourage this. We will try and give you as much time before a party to make the room your own. We would ask that you please keep our walls in mind when you are sticking pictures, balloons and decorations to them.

Do you have any drinks deals?

It is our pleasure to offer any private booking with our ‘mates rates’ discount cards for you and all your guests.

Can we start a tab?

Absolutely! We will need to take a valid card for security of payment.


Hire fee?

We’re happy to discuss a negotiable hire fee through the week. Our Friday and Saturday hire fee is £100. We are happy to hold a date for a week if you are interested, however we will only secure the booking once the full amount has been paid.

LIVE Sound Rig 

We have a lovely in-house sound rig for people looking for a live venue. The equipment hire for the night is an additional £60. This covers our in-house sound engineer for the evening. This is our insurance that the equipment is used properly and kept safe after use. Our license has an 11pm live music clause.


We would love to push your gig, workshop or event on every media platform that we have. Help us help you....

Our deal breakers

Sorry to be a party pooper but we whole-heartedly can’t accommodate any 18th or 21st birthday parties. Please don’t ask or try to book through a third party.

Our license only allows a minor to be on the premises until 7pm (we’re sorry if this impacts your party).

We operate a strict Challenge 25 policy. This means we’ll ask for identification for anyone who we believe looks under the age of 25 years old. If we ask for identification, and you cannot provide it (even if you are over 18 years of age), I’m afraid it’ll mean us asking that said person to leave the venue. PLEASE BRING ID - we really take no pleasure in doing this.



What is the Capacity?
50/60 people

Can we play our own music?

Of course, we would encourage it. Plug your iPhone/music device in, create your own playlist and you are away!

Can we bring our own DJ?

Yes. The DJ can plug directly into our speakers, but would need to bring their own equipment source (decks, laptop, CDJ’s etc).


Is there a bar upstairs?

We currently only have a bar downstairs. More dancing space upstairs that way.

Do you serve food?

Although we personally do not have a commercial kitchen, we work closely with our firends at Humble Kitchen who can cater your party to your every dietary need.

See sample menu